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Since its foundation in 1920, the World Education Fellowship (WEF) has always had an interest in the all-round education of children and young people, embracing the emotional, physical and spiritual development of the person alongside intellectual development. In an increasingly technology driven world, with an emphasis upon material progress, there are growing challenges to developing humane education that addresses all of the needs of humanity. WEF is a NGO with operational relations with UNESCO/UN and designated Peace Messenger to the United Nations.

Principles of WEF:

a) The primary purpose of education today is to help all of us to grow as self-respecting, sensitive, confident well informed, competent and responsible individuals in society and in the world community,

b) People develop these qualities when they live in mutually supportive environments where sharing purposes and problems generates friendliness, commitment and cooperation. Schools should aim to be communities of this kind,

c) Learners should, as early as possible, take responsibility for the management of their own education in association with and support from others. They should be helped to achieve both local involvement and a global perspective,

d) High achievement is best obtained by mobilising personal motivation and creativity within a context of open access to a variety of learning opportunities,

e) Methods of assessment should aim to describe achievement and promote self-esteem.