Conference themes

The conference is intended to explore aspects of education for the whole person in the context of a technological and E-learning society in the twenty first century.

Sub-themes will include:

  • E-learning and Pedagogy for the Technological Society
  • The Information and Communication Society - implications for creativity and environmental education
  • Education and Technology for Sustainable Development
  • Citizenship Education
  • Peace and Values Education in a Technological Society
  • Education for the Environment
  • Supportive Learning Environments
  • Technology and Art Education
  • Education and Mass Media
  • The History of WEF as a Champion of All-round Education

Technology has changed the world in which we live. It has changed the way that we work. It has changed the ways in which we can keep and analyse information about each other. It has changed the metaphors we use to describe and understand ourselves. And it has changed the world for which young people must be prepared.

Education cannot remain unaffected by technological change. But should we see technology as a threat – an obstacle to personal relationships, a filter through which our contact with the world is distorted, and a buffer that cuts us off from our spiritual roots – or should we see it as an opportunity – opening up new ways of creating works of art, offering new chances to communicate with people around the globe, and providing a material base upon which values of democracy and creativity should flourish.

This conference offers the opportunity to explore the relationship between technology, E-learning, ICT and education from a variety of perspectives, but with particular emphasis on providing an education which is more than technical, vocational or intellectual in a narrow sense.